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Ring Around the Rosies: Health & Wellness
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 Welcome!! I am so happy you are here! I am Jaima! I partnered with Shaklee three years ago and am one of the original leaders of  ProjectDreamIntl.com. I am also the author and founder of RingAroundTheRosies.net

 If you’re looking for the short version: I’m a wife, mom, blogger, and business mentor. I guess you could say I'm an Architect for Change! I love simple and natural living, Jesus, real food, and a clean healthy home. I am passionate about helping other women create balanced, healthy homes and lives.

 Here’s the extended version of my Shaklee Story (to learn more about me click here): I began Shaklee out of sheer desparation! My husband and I had to move back to Nashville when I was 3 months pregnant after losing our jobs in Connecticut and then losing my Mom and Brothere here in Tennessee. We had little to no income for my entire pregnancy, but it was our wish for me to be at home with her. A year later, even though my husband had landed a great job, we were still going $450 a month in debt (just to pay our bills). We weren't even making ends meet, so I relunctantly went on a few job interviews. In the midst of my job search a friend posted about an opportunity to create a healthier, wealthier life from home. Without much though or support from my family I said YES! And opened the doors for my own Shaklee business! 

It was a God-send for sure! Since that day almost 3 years ago, our life has completely turned around! Within 16 months of beginning my business we paid off $54,000 in debt!!! About 4 months after we became debt free we bought our dream home in Nashville! This year we earned our free Shaklee car, a trip to San Fransico to meet with Home Office, and a trip for our family to Mexico!! BUT the money and home are just physical things. The BIG things are the hundreds of women I have been able to help along the way - from getting their babies healthy, to removing toxins from their home, to helping them lose weight, and then to things like helping other women be at home with their children while providing financial support for their family! 

This is my dream "job"! My husband and I are creating the lives we previously only dared to dream about - early retirement, once in a lifetime vacations, traveling with our family, giving back to our community - all while simply helping others! 

It is so much fun! Every day is a pleasure to "work"! 

If you'd like to connect with me, please send me an email

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